Thursday, 15 November 2012

Digi-pack thoughts

Originally in our music video, when the song hit the chorus with the lines "good morning sunshine" my group and I were planning to hold up a sign with these words painted on. But as we thought it would be a tad random having some boards held up half way through the song, we decided against it.

As a result of this we thought it would be a good idea of, instead of the group themselves holding up the boards have leading star in our music video to hold them up and feature them on our digi-pack somewhere.

We came to this conclusion as we thought it kept in with the happy, and positive vibes we have throughout the music video and we also thought it was quite a quirky idea and would be something quite different.

Loss of Footage

A few weeks ago we lost the majority of our footage for our music video because of this we spent some of our holiday re-filming. We realised the importance of it, and had to reshoot.

However we feel like this time it was better anyway, because the weather was brighter that day which fit in with our music video's attitude and themes. As the song we are using is a happy one, we needed bright, happy weather to reflect the leading singers feelings. Also to fit in with the tone of the song.

Music Video update!

We are in the process of finishing the editing of music video.
We have had to make some adjustments to the idea of our music video for example;

  • Whereas before we had various other couples surrounding the music video's main protagonist we had to get rid of that idea as it would be difficult to find enough people who were all free at the same time.
  • We decided against having a beach as the setting as it was becoming difficult to find enough time between filming and editing, to actually go there.
  • We removed one setting from our music video, as the footage was quite time consuming we realised we didn't have much time left of the song, so we decided we had to make it a little shorter.
  • As a result of this we had to decided on a new ending in which we have to re-film.  
  • Not only this but as we had a falling out in the group, being a group of 4 to a group of 2 we had to adapt to the change and while it was unfortunate, we managed to adapt quite well.