Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ancillary text: Poster

This is the poster we designed for our artist and the advertisement of the song and album. We shot this image in a studio which linked back to the music video as we also used shots in the studio with that same white background. The white background also further heightens the star image of an upbeat feminine and happy character.
We used a few main colours, which we reused in this image; we took the red from the stars lipstick which enabled the date to stand, which is realistic as many stars want to show the date of their album so fans know when to buy their next album or single.
While the white font in her name blends into the background when editing we used a drop shadow which then made the name of our star stand out.
The font of her name differs from the font of the title of song as we wanted to show different sides to our star which we showed through the elegant and feminine writing in her name and the fun and child like writing in the word 'Satellite'.

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