Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Profile: Audience

The audience's feedback is an important thing during the making process and the after effects of these products.
During the time we were making our main texts, or our music videos we had to take into account what kind of audience we were looking to please.
We decided the best target audience that fitted the conventions of our music video would have been for young girls between the ages of 12- 18, the music this type of star would be singing would be catchy pop songs. The themes we would want to portray with this star image would be optimistic, colourful attitudes. To do this in our main text our star had to do quite a bit of jumping about and smiling, to induce a positive atmosphere. To expand her overall look she was wearing quite feminine clothes to again portray to the audience what her overall style was.
Real life artists who might be able to relate to this would be those like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus;

Both of these stars are featured in their music videos with soft lighting highlighting their features, they rarely go for anything too harsh as their star images are girly and happy and bubbly. These elements are what we wanted to include for our own star.
As our star image includes props in the music video like hats and bright make up, this portrays her like real stars like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, who use these techniques, to develop a niche market to sell their alums or merchandise.

Without the audience and their feedback and general support of an artist, the music industry would most likely fail. The audiences feedback helps morph the star into something that pleases the audience, audience feedback helped our group expand our star image to what they believed would fit into the conventions as well as along with our chosen song.  

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