Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Costume Ideas

The four of us in the group will briefly appear in the music video with the lyrics on a card but we plan to wear similar outfits;

  • Bright coloured tights - We will all wear a different colour, the tights will be bright so it will contain connotations of happy and positive themes. Which match the lyrics and tone of the song which will be playing in the background.
  • Black dress or skirts - so we don't colour clash!
  • We have also now considered just wearing white tank tops against the coloured walls, to refrain from clashing, to match each other and also as we plan to have mid-shot camera angles, it's doubtful the coloured tights will be seen anyway.
For the hair we are all going to leave it relaxed and natural as its a happy video.
Likewise for makeup, we will wear what we usually wear, with muted colours. So we look natural and relaxed, if it were a serious song our hair and make up should reflect this. But as this is an upbeat song every aspect of it should be happy and carefree. 

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