Sunday, 16 September 2012

Music Video: Abstract, Performance and Narrative

This music video is for Lana Del Rey's, 'National Anthem'. This is a music video that has many key elements to it, it is a performance video, an abstract one and a narrative.
In the beginning of the video Lana Del Rey, pays a homage to the late Marilyn Monroe by performing the popular song Happy birthday to you, Mr President. Which lyrical fits in with the original song, Lana Del Rey wrote herself, National Anthem. This is also a performance technique.
The video continues in Lana Del Rey's narrative but at this point she has now taken on the role of who appears to be Jackie Kennedy. By the end of the video the audience defiantly can confirm that plot of 'National Anthem' is actually a homage to the assassination of JFK and the romance he shared with both Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. The video's abstract side would be how Lana Del Rey plays the narrative of both Jackie Kennedy and Marlyn Monroe, 'National Anthem' could be classed as a very artistic video because of this reason. The lighting in this video gives a very old fashioned effect, there is almost a yellow tinge to the video. Which indicates an old style, this also further backs up the idea on following the JFK story. Another aspect in the way of performance is that Lana Del Rey continuously mimes the lyrics to her song in the background. The camera techniques in this video constantly does close ups of Lana Del Rey and almost portrays a innocence when she is in the narrative of Jackie Kennedy and a seductive view of when she is Marilyn Monroe, both have a voyeuristic effect. The camera swaps between the narratives of Lana Del Rey as Marilyn Monroe and Lana Del Rey as Jackie Kennedy, this helps the audience keep up with the plot line and keep them interested.
Lana Del Rey doesn't really have a star image, more like her own image, she doesn't follow the stereotypes of typical star icon. She doesn't seem to follow the trends and has her own style, even though it isn't outrageous as someone like Lady Gaga. Lana Del Rey could be more similar to someone like Liza Minnelli or Lauren Bacall as with her deep voice, she could easily portray herself as a femme fatale like image. It could almost be said that Lana Del Rey was born into the wrong era.

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