Friday, 21 September 2012

More inspiration

In this video it just shows the main lead singer, in our video we plan to have one main lead singer but one of the ideas we did think about was the concept of paint, as an ending.

The way they use paint in this video is quite interesting and while the lyrics don't really match the visuals I think the way everything is expressed through the dripping paint walls is quite intense.
It is an idea I'd quite like to put into my own video.
While this idea is not for definite, the idea of colourful paints does give of a positive mood and tone, while the ones in the video are quiet dark, which can symbolise death and blood etc, those connotations fit the bands star image, as they are a rock band, that is something you would expect.
As our music video is an upbeat, positive song, the paints we would use would be a lot brighter with positive connotations, while in this music video, it is dripping like blood. In our music video it would appear to be more of a playful setting.

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