Sunday, 24 June 2012

Music Video: Narrative

The key creative feature in this music video, 'The Scientist' by 'Coldplay' is that the whole video is shot in reverse, e.g. the main singer, Chris Martin. Also the narrator, for the video keeps walking backwards whilst also singing the words to the song itself. Another example of the constant reverse editing effect in this video is that during the narrator's journey he picks up the jacket that was on the ground and puts it back on. Audiences can see with these examples that the actions in this video would needed to have already been done for him to repeat it, therefore the reverse effect comes in.
The audience can tell this is from his narration as the camera continues to follow him, the camera also starts this video with a close up of his face to show the audience who the narrator will be. During this video the camera never once takes the shot off of the lead singer, allowing the audience to follow Chris Martin and see his narration all the way back to what would have been the essential start of the video if it was not shot in reverse.
Another special effect that takes place is the transitions from night to day, this would have been created also using editing skills and these skills also are showing how long Chris Martin’s, the narrator of this video, journey in this video would have taken. Though the effects of night and day it shows the journey took a couple of days.

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