Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Final idea

As we had so much trouble with signed artists and gettng permission we went with 'Good Morning Sunshine' by Alex Day, an unsigned musician but as he is a popular youtuber, he is still quite well known.

Here is our idea for our music video;

  • Having a main person, being a male, walking through different environments/settings whilst couples, seemingly in love, walk past him. 
  • Having a shot of the main person sitting on the train, looking out of the window.
  • Using small aspects of stop motion, with us holding up pieces of card with lyrics at certain points in the song. 
  • Use green screen available at college when doing the performance part of our video, to have our main person singing in front of a background image. 
  • We now decided to make our music video an almost journey by having the romantic couple leave notes for the other and then the boyfriend go round trying to find his girlfriend.
  • We decided to keep suspense we don't want to show the girlfriend until the end, to do this we will only shoot parts of her body, e.g. holding hands, we will flash back to the mainman's face but not hers, until the end.
  • As our music video is the idea of a journey we are going to have establishing shots so it looks like our leading man is walking there, but these will be sped up.
  • We also plan to have ALL of the girlfriends hold up card so this way no one is confused and it has a constant continuity.

A print screen of me asking for permission to use Alex Day's song, even though he's unsigned, I thought it might be good to ask.

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