Friday, 5 October 2012

Images of Props

For certain parts of our music video, like in the chorus for example we plan to hold up flash cards of the chorus. This gives the audience a break of the same shot of the same characters, setting etc. And also this helps keep continuity and also now lets most of our groups ideas to be included, but just combined so it still fits the flow and attitude of the video, yet still keep the affect and mood.

This first picture is our group in the middle of the production of the props, we used the paint colours to give off the correct connotations to the word that was written. For example 'Sunshine' is in yellow to represent the sun, the 'Morning' is to represent the blue skies. Also all the colours we used, are bright, this again helps set the mood and keeps our music video upbeat and positive.

This is the final product of our props, we are in order of how it will be shown in the song, the 'Good' starting then carrying it through until the smiley face is shown at the end of the chorus.
We each plan to stand against a painted wall which is the same colour as our props background, this helps with constancy. But we have considered changing the angles of each clip to keep in pace with the music and keep it interesting, opposed to one straight shot.  

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