Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Album Cover Inspiration: Charlie Simpson

For Charlie Simpson's debut album as a solo artist, he featured himself as the key image for the album 'Young Pilgrim'.
The rule of third was a critical thing when creating this album cover, as Charlie himself is the main focus, he had to be central.
Audiences know straight away he is the     main star, his star image can be stereotyped as the indie type of artist, due to the fact he is holding an acoustic guitar. Not only this but Charlie is surrounded by nature, it is on a peaceful day and there is nothing surrounding him apart from the nature, which could give off quite possible folk sort of conventions. As the genre of folk can be quite unique and is typically stereotyped as a farm yard type of sound, surrounded by nature. Charlie's font of his name differs from the font of his album title. Charlies name is featured in bolder and clearer font than what 'Young Pilgrim' is, this ensures that the audience see Charlies face then his name, then underneath the album title.

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