Monday, 14 January 2013

Inspiration for poster: Jessie J

This is a poster of 'Jessie J' while it's not exactly advertising her album it does sell her and her star image.
The gold, bold font stands out against the black featured in her clothing, in terms of colour this poster appears to be lacking of it. However this makes the font appear to stand out that much more as it is the only colour the audience will be seeing, therefore it helps them remember her name 'Jessie J'. Another thing that helps is the fact that it is centered more or less in the middle of the poster, it is eye catching.
From this poster the audience can determine what type of artist Jessie J is, the fact that she is all in black could stereotype that she was a rock singer, however the gold font puts the audience off this general stereotype.
Her expression is a unusual one, she appears to be the rebellious sort of singer, while her songs might have a good beat that doesn't necessarily mean her songs will be optimistic.
Not only this but her face is looking straight towards the camera this portrays the idea that Jessie J is essentially looking straight at her audience.

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