Friday, 11 January 2013

Completed music video

We finally completed our music video we tried to stick to the typical conventions of a music video; we especially wanted to match the tone and themes of the song.
As the song was an upbeat one we used bright colours, with the outdoors scenes we shot we used colour correction as we didnt want dark and dreary weather which could project the idea of a ngeative mood onto the audience. Instead we tried to use warm colours like oranges and reds, we shot with images in teh sun in the background to again show this happiness.
We wanted to create an abstract element so in the chorus we decided to use spilt screens but to keep continuity we used them on every chorus however we didn't keep teh angles the same for example sometimes there would be for video spilt screens, other times only two or three.
We wanted things to be fast paced so we used jump cuts in the rest of the song, we matched it to the beat of the song this overall gave our video a neat and tidy yet interesting affect.

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