Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Poster Inspiration: Justin Bieber

This can be shown as Justin Bieber's advertisement for his second album 'Believe'.
The rule of third appears to be used as Bieber is central on this poster, his face is the first thing that the audience will see; This helps them recognise with the artist.
The colours used on this poster are quite mild and warm tones, while bright colours aren't exactly used here, there are lots of gold and orange tones on this poster; this can indicate how he is consider a mature artist, and has developed from his debut album.
The title of his album is featured at the bottom of the poster, it is featured in bold this helps with the sale of his album, as fans will realise what the album is called with reference with this poster.
However the font on the top of the poster differs from the font at the bottom, the top font which features his name is spaced out and in bold this gives a sophisticated feel. Again backing up the notion of Bieber trying out a new style of music for himself.

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