Thursday, 17 January 2013

Album Cover Inspiration: A Fine Frenzy

This is also a key inspiration for our own front cover as we essentially are focusing on the star image like how Alison Sudol, of A Fine Frenzy is doing here.
While our album cover plans to be in colour it was nice to see one in black and white to see how it can still be expressive and fun even with lack of colour, this was a good contrast to see against our own work.
Also the lack of colour really brings into focus the orange colour of the album name, 'Bomb in a birdcage'. Even though that is the font in smaller it still is visible to the audience because of the bright orange colour.
This also features different fonts which could again show the difference of style Alison uses on this album, this is the representation we wanted to make sure we secured in our own project.

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