Monday, 14 January 2013

Digipak Inspiration: Ke$ha

While Ke$ha is similar to the like of Rihanna and Katy Perry, Ke$ha represents herself as a parhty girl, her album photos are filled with many different colours, which could represents the surprise and upbeat star image she has. Many of her photos appear to be quite cosmic which could present her as quite an abstract artist.
While Ke$ha is not as extreme as 30 seconds to mars, Ke$ha could be consider as quite rock and roll.
The idea behind her album art represents the idea that she has a split personality, this shows how she has a fun side and how she could have a more serious and harder side, this can also be represented through her songs.
Many different images on her album feature her in different clothing and positions, this can present to the audience how she likes to mix things up and how her outfit with the white dress can present her innocence, further through the album you can see her wild side, like how she is photographed in a bikini top.
She is also presenting her as a sexual object to the audience, Ke$ha's star image is an interesting one as there are many different interpretations to her.

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