Monday, 14 January 2013

Poster inspiration: Florence and the Machine

This is an important poster for the artist 'Florence and the machine' as this not only sells her but it also sold her debut album 'Lungs'.
From the poster the audience can assume that 'Florence and the machine' is actually the girl on the front of the poster, as she is entirely central in the entire poster. The audience can infer that Florence is not the typical 'pop princess' as the poster itself is quite an abstract one, the flowers behind florence present a very feminine and ladylike image for Florence. However she has a look of content on her face as she appears to be quite bear under her essential pair of lungs. It can almost been seen to the audience that she is hiding from them.
Florence and the machine don't appear to have a set font, her name however is constantly in the same feminine font however the word 'lungs' is in bold and capitilised, the main reason for this appears to be so people recognise the album when they were to see it in store.

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