Monday, 14 January 2013

Digipak Inspiration: 30 Seconds To Mars

The style of this digipak is much different compared to Rihanna's. This is down to the fact that 30 seconds to mars plays a completely different genre of music, leaning more towards the rock genre; unlike Rihanna.
While on Rihanna's 'Loud' album the red were used to connote passion and love, this digipak's use of red seems as though it presents itself as a blood red, an emergency sort of red. This is a typical stereotype which would seem to fit 30 seconds to mars type of music. By the cover of the digipak audiences can again assume what type of genre of music this will be, the skulls are usually a general theme of the rock genre, and as this band are apart of this genre, the themes fit well. The bands photo is a key image as while the cover art explains to the audience what genre of music it is the star image actually presents the band. However as the lead singer isn't at the front audiences can assume that each band member is equally important.

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