Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cover Art Inspiration: Coldplay

 Coldplay are a well known band who have been around for a while throughout the years though they haven't had one style which they have stuck with.
To the left is their debut album for 'Parachutes'. The font is the same, the black background contrasts against the white font; the album seems to be very neat and clean. This helps the yellow globe stand out even more than normal.
The star image of the band is never featured on the album, the audience can infer from this that Coldplay are likely more likely to be concerned with their music opposed to what their star image is represented as.
As this is their first ever album it is easy to see the contrast from the first album to their latest one below.
This is the latest album by Coldplay, it features a lot more colour and a completely different style and font. It can be said that Coldplay have morphed and grown as an artist, using their fame and taking more risks artistically.
The use of bright colours and graffiti can be seen as the band trying to get rid of their old star image and use a riskier angle, essentially getting rid of their old plain style for a new and upbeat one. Coldplay have grown with the times through their music and their style and this can be presented in their album cover.

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