Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Poster Inspiration: Lady Gaga

 This poster is essentially advertising Lady Gaga's second hit album 'Born this way'.
Lady Gaga's star image has always been a shocking one, in which she uses outrageous affects to shock her audience, on this poster she does this through her make up and hair. Her hair is wild and loose yet her face is filled with little bumps which give her this unique look, the look she usually goes for.
The fact that she isn't wearing anything could indicate how she is 'born this way', also the hair and make up could symbolise how she can be a bit wild.
The font of the poster, is messy and looks like hand writing, Lady Gaga's name is in the center and a bigger sizing, this is so her audience know who she is straight away. However her audiences can still guess what the album is called as that is also on this poster.
There isn't any colour on this poster this could represent how although she is wild she still is feminine and the lighting also is used to soften her features.

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